How it works

Plan Something is really easy to use.

  • 1

    Tell us about your event

    So that your guests know what it happening

  • 2

    Tell us when you would like your event to be

    As event organiser you can enter a list of possible dates and times for your guests to choose from

  • 3

    Tell us who you are

    So that your guests know who is inviting them

  • 4

    Tell us who you would like to invite and we will send them an email

    You can give Plan Something a quick look at your Google contacts to make picking lots of guests easier

  • 5

    Choose the best date from your guests' reponses

    Once your guests have replied pick the best date and we will send digital calendar invites


Forever Free


  • Schedule events for free
  • No-spam guaranteed
  • Intuitive apps for scheduling on the go
  • Event syncing between smart phone, tablet and browser
  • Event history for easier repeat events



  • Enterprise use
  • Reduced price per user
  • Access to all pro functionality
  • Customise your website with your corporate identity
  • User management

Forever Free Features

Plan Something is developing fast - we already offer these features for free and we're adding more all the time.

Setup events for free

You can use our basic service completely free forever. If you like what we do, or you need our extra features, or you're just feeling kind, you can pay for our pro service - you can see the added benefits of this below.

No Spam Guarantee

You can trust us with your personal data and those of your guests.

Plan Something on the go

Mobile web friendly to help you organise events on the move.

Pro Features

Plan Something Pro is designed for those who organise large numbers of events, or who need access to their events whenever, wherever. We've designed our features to meet your more exacting needs, and we'll be lead by you as to how you'd like to see Plan Something develop. As well as the features available for free, a Pro subscription also gives you;

Unlimited events and invitees

Our free service caps the number of invitees any event can have. Pro users can invite as many guests as they need, over as many events as they can manage.


You can use the website without paying. Going pro means that you sign into our service, so you can track events you're scheduling whether you're on a desktop computer, tablet or smart phone and always have all the latest responses with you.

Event log

Pro users have told us that they organise regular events (like board meetings) with the same invitees. Using our events log, you can look back at previous events and use the same details again to speed up the process of creating regular events.

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